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What to Expect in a TCTSY Class or Private Session

At the Canberra TCTSY Centre:

  • No experience with yoga is necessary

  • Classes and individual sessions are accessible to everyone regardless of physical ability, and following a phone screening

  • Yoga is practiced as a way to notice what you feel in your body

  • Yoga is a vehicle for safely experimenting with having a body, and making choices about what to do with your body based on what you feel/sense

  • A safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment

  • The facilitator is Certified by the Boston Trauma Centre to facilitate TCTSY

  • The TCTSY presentation of yoga is NOT religious

  • No hands-on physical assists

  • Competition is discouraged - your exploration of the forms and breathing exercises is for your own benefit

  • Curiosity and interest in your body is encouraged, together with your present moment experience of your body

  • Student feedback and input is always welcomed

* Ideally, participants will be in ongoing therapy in order to assist with talking about and processing whatever may arise in the session or class, however there may be exceptions depending on the participant's broader support network . You will first need to contact Pippa for a screening to determine eligibility for private sessions or classes.


What is yoga?

  • A practice that is more than 5,000 years old developed in the region of modern-day India

  • An organised system of breathing and moving

  • Characterised by physical postures that are held for a brief period of time

  • Today, yoga is most often practiced on a mat on the floor but may also be practiced on a chair sitting up (both are practiced at the Canberra TCTSY Centre)


Classes are women-only and men-only at the Canberra TCTSY Centre.

Classes are small, 5-8 students, making it more comfortable for those individuals who find it difficult to be in groups.

Classes are conducted within the framework of an 8 week course.

Classes are 60mins in duration.

PRIVATE SESSIONS (Consultations and Ongoing Individual at 60mins duration):
Consultations are typically three sessions in length and may cover a variety of needs related to the use of yoga as an adjunctive trauma treatment. Consults will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Examples of topics that may be covered in a TCTSY consultation are:

  • Introduction or re-introduction to yoga in a safe and private space

  • Recommendation for how to design or modify a yoga program to address personal triggers, challenges, and physical limitations

  • General psycho-education about trauma and the body and ways in which yoga can help

**If you are a therapist or counsellor and would like more information about what your client can expect, please contact Pippa and she will be glad to answer any questions you have.

**If staff at your service are interested in learning more about TCTSY, and its potential benefits for your clients, Pippa is available to provide a presentation on the same. 

**If your service is interested in offering site-based TCTSY classes to your clients please contact Pippa on the number below.

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