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How is TCTSY Different to a Community Yoga Class?

  • TCTSY is an evidenced-based, adjunctive therapeutic intervention underpinned by Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory and cutting-edge Neuroscience Research to address the effects of Developmental Trauma, Complex Trauma, and treatment resistant PTSD.

  • TCTSY assists with reactivating specific areas of the brain which commonly go 'off-line' during trauma, most importantly the insula, the site which receives and processes sensations from the body.

  • Reconnecting or connecting with physical sensations, in measures carefully titrated by the TCTSY Facilitator, assists with the student's capacity to tolerate and regulate challenging sensations and emotions as they emerge both on and off the yoga mat.

  • In TCTSY we refer to ‘forms’ rather than ‘poses’, and the student is invited to experiment with different forms and how their body responds to them.

  • In an environment of safety, TCTSY aims to assist the student to move away from self-judgement and toward an attitude of curiosity and interest in the present moment experience of their body. 

  • Trauma is an experience of no choice. Offering choice to students, rather than directing and telling them what to do, is pivotal in TCTSY. Learning to listen to our body, and making healthy choices in relation to signals from our body, helps to develop self-agency via a felt sense of control and empowerment, to counter fear and helplessness.

  • Given that many types of trauma involve physical violation and a lack of safe boundaries there are no physical assists offered in TCTSY classes and private sessions.

  • Within the parameters of safety there is no right or wrong way to practice a form in TCTSY. The TCTSY Facilitator does not consider themself the expert, and consistently demonstrates respect for the student’s experience and feedback.

TCTSY Student Testamonies:

How can a 5000 year old practice help people suffering from impacts of Complex Trauma? Staff at the Boston Trauma Centre, Massachusetts, began asking this question in 2003 and after 15 years of research have accumulated some answers. Here is what some of the clients/students at the Boston Trauma Centre have said about their experience of TCTSY:

"I feel like I have more ownership of my body and feel more a part of it."

"With yoga, I reclaimed my body. Or, I claimed it, not reclaimed, because I was so young. I claimed it."

"Things feel more connected. I'm more real."

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